Mariko Irving



Mariko is the chief editor and co-founder of EireneBros Publishing LLC. She was born in OKC and raised in Nashville, TN. Her love of English began when she was six years old after picking up Jules Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels. She received her BS in Exercise Science from Lipscomb University. Mariko is well versed in American Sign Language and is currently expanding her horizons by learning Portuguese.

Mariko has a variety of hobbies that include watching documentaries, playing the piano and singing. She also enjoy knife throwing (scary), and reading material from authors such as the great William Shakespeare, Poe, Hugo, Chaucer, etc. Mariko is also a fan of car shows, Star Wars, Star Trek and anything nerdy.

She has been the lead editor for many projects, across a variety of disciplines. Mariko has helped to edit One on One for Everyone by C.L. Thomas, Called to be Free by Jeff Lane, and Those Who Lived by the Sword Book One by Jonathan Edwards.
She will soon be working on a new project by C.L. Thomas, Those who Lived by the Sword Book Two, and Baptized by Magic both by Jonathan Edwards.

Mariko is meticulous in her assessment of a manuscript and is determined to help your product shine. She takes great pride in her work, and will make sure that your project gets the help and feedback it deserves.