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This page provides you information on our editors and editing service. We believe that it is imperative for you, as a writer, and for your audience, to have your work edited and reviewed by someone that you are willing to trust.

The principles by which we edit will be partially determined by you, the writer. Our editors are talented and are more then willing to clean up any grammar, paragraph structures, or any basic or complex proofreading you require. What we want from you is to know what areas you feel need the most attention. We want to work with you.

However, we all know that there is more to editing then just fixing misspelled words. We also know that the work you have written, comes out of your passions, your life experiences and your personal value. The job of our editors is not to change your story structure, or to tell you which characters in your story are bland and need updating. We will not judge your story or your work. Our editors will provide feedback on your book when appropriate and also if you request. If you don’t want any feedback on your story, please let us know. If you desire feedback, our editors will seek to give you some perspective and tools to turn your work into the masterpiece that you desire. We give the power to you to make any changes that you deem appropriate.

Besides editing services, our editors and reviewers can provide comprehensive and detailed analysis of your book. As previously stated, your book is your passion and we want to help you cultivate your talents. Our editors and reviewers will also provide beta reading services and detailed feedback for your book. We understand that you are painting with a large brush, and we can help you by providing an outsiders perspective on your work that is both holistic and genuine.

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