A home for writers and readers alike


The value of the written word does not simply come from its meaning, but in its power to transcend culture and even the imagination.

Eirenebros Publishing LLC was created in the year 2018. The original goal was to simply market and produce my first book, in an environment where I had complete artistic control. Later on, I realized that there must be other writers who feel the same way.

So with the help of my amazing team, we decided to create an organization that values both authors and readers. We intend to build a world in which a writer’s skills are cultivated and honed, like a precisioned instrument. I desire for the amazing stories and characters that you are developing through countless hours to be appreciated and respected in a like manner.

The Methodologies that we use as an organization are a combination of personal growth, marketing, teamwork, and passion. This combination of methods will have the ultimate goal building a community of writers and readers.


Mission Statement: In a world of complexities and diverging paths, we seek to bring peace through the written word.

Vision Statement: EireneBros Publishing LLC will provide an avenue for self-expression and creativity. We will strive to excel at providing services to our community and the world around us. This organization will provide premier editing and support services to aspiring writers. EireneBros will seek to give authors a chance to have their works read around the world in a collaborative and supportive environment. Our truest goal and desire is to inspire our reading base and to challenge the status quo.


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